Virtual portrait photography

A virtual photoshoot also known as a facetime photoshoot is something I am very excited to be able to offer now as a small and affordable photography session. I have really loved my experiences so far doing virtual sessions and I can’t wait to do more! While we are still in this lockdown I think its such a nice thing to be able to offer because its something else to do in the house or garden that changes up your routine and adds a bit of excitement into your day. This is absolutely perfect for mamas to be that want some lovely bump photos before the baby comes, its perfect for mamas with newborns who cant get out or have their photographer come into their home and it is very good for capturing the fun and sometimes chaos of family life at home! But this is not just for families, its for everyone. What some portrait shots of yourself, or you and your partner… lets do it! Want some photos with your favourite pooch or best cat pal even better! ha! If you are thinking about doing a virtual photoshoot then read on and get in touch when you are ready to set a date!

What is a virtual photoshoot/facetime photoshoot?

So a virtual photoshoot is a photoshoot done using your phone. This can be done anywhere around the world, I’ll be at my house and you will be at your house. I will take control of your smart phone using an app that allows me to talk to you through your phone and guide you into positions whilst I take the photos. These will then be uploaded to my laptop where I will then edit the photos before sending them back to you looking amazing!

How long does a virtual photoshoot last?

Depending on the subject matter it can take anything between 30 minutes to an hour. Families with more than one child might take a bit longer and the ages of the children will pay a big part here too! It might take us a wee while to get used to how it works too, as its a bit different to a normal photoshoot as I will be telling you where to position your phone too, and getting the phone at the right angles might take some time.

What will I need for the photo session?

The most important thing that you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection. Ideally it would be a smartphone that has a decent camera on it, anything in the last few years should be fine but if you are unsure just ask! Your phone can be either android or iPhone both will work. You will just need to download a different app depending on what type of phone you have.

What can I do to prepare beforehand?

So there is a couple of things you can do that would be really useful to help the photo session go smoothly. The first thing is to take some quick snaps around your home of areas with good light that will help me paint a picture of what I’ll be working with. This allows me to prepare some ideas for areas around your home to use so we can get straight to it!

It is also useful to have:

– Some elastic bands or masking tape/Sellotape and something weighted like a tin or a jar can we could potentially strap your phone to.
– A couple of books handy in case we need to add extra height
– If you have one of those stick to the window car phone holders that might come in handy.
РSome ribbons, string and drawing pins if you want over the bed shots, but we can discuss that properly and I can show  you my technique!

photograph of newborn baby in mothers arms

I think I have covered the basics of what you need to know! If you would like to book a virtual session then please get in touch using the button below that will take you to my contact form. If you are based in the UK then photoshoots are best done between 9am and 3.30pm – as we head into spring these times will get later as we get more daylight! Anywhere else in the world please just get in touch and we can work out a time that is suitable for you.